Webmail Chooser
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Download and Installation:

In order to install Webmail Chooser, download one of these registry keys, then run it to add the information to your registry.

This will change your default email client. Please backup your registry first if this is of concern to you - I cannot provide support for restoring your original settings.

Windows XP and 7 use a different mechanism for setting the default email client. The "combo.reg" file includes both methods. The win7.reg and winxp.reg are specific to those systems alone.

At the time of this writing I do not have a Windows Vista installation to test on - I assume that the combo.reg key as well as the win7.reg key would work. Likewise I do not have a test system for Windows 2000 or lower but I assume that the XP key may work. Let me know.

To remove Webmail Chooser, you can run this key:

It does not revert your registry, but it does disable Webmail Chooser. Alternatively, if you install a new default email client, Webmail Chooser will be disabled.