Webmail Chooser
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Webmail Chooser is a free "mailto:" link solution for schools, libraries and other shared or public computers.


Because "mailto:" links exist, they break in a confusing manner if a mail client isn't installed, and people click on them. Wikipedia: what is a mailto link?

Thick email clients do not belong on public computers. They are an annoyance at best - popping up an unconfigured Outlook Express instance isn't any help to the user when he clicks on a "mailto:" link - and a privacy hazard or worse if someone configures their account and leaves it behind. It is better to encourage the use of webmail clients instead.

Webmail Chooser works like this:

Users clicking on this "mailto:" link would be directed to this page.

If they are users of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, they can click on a button and immediately compose an email with their account. Users are also presented the information from the "mailto:" link in plain english which they can paste into an email system of their choosing, or print out and take with them.


Webmail Chooser is installed on Windows via a registry key. No software is necessary. Registry keys and instructions are here.


Webmail Chooser is offered as a free service, I make no guarantees or promises. In particular I cannot guarantee that the email providers will not change their login mechanisms and break this service. This website is not affiliated with any email provider.


Feedback, bug reports, etc can be sent to me here. Additionally, I am considering a pay version which would allow rebranding and removal of the advertisement. If that would be of interest to you please let me know.